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Maze Hill Pottery started life as the ticket office for Maze Hill Station, which opened in 1873 as a terminus linked to the North Kent Line. In 1878 a cut-and-cover tunnel link between Greenwich and Maze Hill was opened, completing a through line for the London and Greenwich Line to the North Kent Line. The ticket office went out of use in the 1970's and when I took it on, the building had been empty for some years.

When I first stepped into the derelict building in November 1994, I went through the floor! But it was the perfect building for my new pottery, and so a new floor was put in and we obtained planning permission for a door to the outside at the rear. We then had to bring in a JCB to remove nearly 8 lorry-loads of soil to give space to build my kiln. With the help of Nick Tipton, who was then a technician at Goldsmiths where I had been teaching ceramics, I built the first soda glaze trolley kiln in the UK, and started to produce soda glaze functional ware and provided pottery courses for local people.

It was an auspicious site, being only a few miles away from the site of the first known salt glaze kiln by the river at Woolwich, and close to Erith, where the large Royal Doulton factory produced salt glaze ware until 1956, when the clean air act was brought in. We embedded two bricks from that site in the top of our kiln's chimney as a memento to our salt-glazing ancestors.
We have taught pottery to thousands of people over the last 18 years and provided local handmade pots for local people, as well as furnishing galleries and museums across the world.

As a working pottery studio, we offer training for students who wish to learn the techniques of studio pottery in a working environment. We are able to offer excellent facilities and a potter's wheel for each of the 8 students that attend.

We offer evening classes for adults, and regular artist-led workshops and specialised weekend courses.

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